1/ Academic Support

  • Be responsible for the learning success of your cohort of students, provide coaching and feedback to ensure they reach their language learning goals by following the Wall Street English Method
  • Work closely with your students to understand their goals, needs and weaknesses in language learning and support as necessary.
  • Plan and ensure your students follow their optimal study rhythm in accordance with the Wall Street English Method by collaborating with Service Officers to book classes when needed.
  • Meet your students at pre-defined touchpoints according to the CFP throughout their WSE journey to coach, motivate and show them their progress so they never give up on their studies and goals. Thereafter enter all relevant information into the CRM system
  • Teach a variety of classes, workshops and clubs to help students improve their English and help maintain a vibrant center atmosphere.
  • Coach and provide feedback to students during their Multimedia Study in the Speaking Centre
  • Collaborate with Teachers to follow up on your students’ class feedback and ensure that your students’ weaknesses are being improved.
  • Keep educational integrity at the center of your students’ journey at Wall Street English
  • Follow your students’ progress KPIs closely, identify early warning signals of possible study issues and proactively execute strategies to improve your students’ learning progress.

2/ Booking & Schedule Optimization

  • Work closely with Coaches to book all classes and appointments for your assigned students both face to face and on the phone.
  • Maintain an efficient class schedule by identifying opportunities to optimize the schedule.
  • Follow-up the booking of assigned students and provide feedback and appropriate study advice in accordance with the WSE Method
  • Contact the students’ Coach to provide updates on their study progress and enter into the CRM system.

3/ Event Coordination

  • Support the event coordination between center and Head Office as assigned by the SO Supervisor
  • Assist with center decoration for events.
  • Manage event signage in the center in accordance with Marketing.
  • Handle guest registration for sales & marketing events

4/ Student Engagement

  • Develop and maintain a close relationship and high level of trust with your students from the beginning of their contract and until their graduation.
  • Ensure your students are happy with their classes, learning progress and learning environment by soliciting and acting on feedback.
  • Keep your students engaged and progressing with Wall Street English by helping them remove their limiting beliefs and by overcoming objections and complaints as necessary.
  • Identify and communicate to the Head of Teaching the types of classes that are relevant to your students’ interests and needs and be the voice of the student to ensure there are enough of them for them to join.
  • Provide regular follow-up to your students both in person and over the phone and enter into the CRM system.
  • Proactively “wow” your students by providing additional value by understanding your students’ delighters and taking action.
  • Create a fun, total English learning environment.

5/ Internal Revenue

  • Build and maintain a close relationship of trust with the Educational Consultant to collaborate together on Internal Revenue opportunities from your students.
  • Provide regular feedback on your students’ progress, motivation, and satisfaction to the Educational Consultant
  • Proactively seek out referral opportunities from your students and ensure effective coordination and follow-up with the Educational Consultant
  • Ensure students achieve their learning goals by priming them for contract renewals and helping to set appointments with the Educational Consultant