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Bài kiểm tra Sightseeing Test - WSE

Sightseeing Test - Wall Street English

A _______ is someone whose job is to provide you with information about the places you visit.
The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous tourist _______ in the world.
Choose the place from which you are most likely to learn a lot about Roman historic architecture:
Are there any special exhibitions _______ ( = happening) right now?
We're only here for one day. What do you _______ that we see?
You are facing North. Your guide says “Please look to the East!”. You should turn _______.
You want to buy some instant food to prepare for your trip. Where may you NOT find such goods?
You want a photo of yourself. What do you say to other people to ask for their help?
If you are about to go hiking in the countryside, which bag would be most practical?
What is NOT a name of the toilet?
On a holiday in a tropical country, you’re going to visit a pagoda and, after that, go hiking in a mountainous area. Which of the following pieces of clothing is NOT recommended for this trip?
A local invites you to try their traditional pork dish, but you only eat vegan food. What do you say to that person?
It was such a breath-taking trip!
Breath-taking means:
What time _______ the museum close today?
Where can you find a zebra crossing?

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