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Bài kiểm tra Transportation Test - WSE

Transportation Test - Wall Street English

You are flying to Dallas; but there are no direct flights from your location to Dallas.
This probably means _______.
You are buying ferry tickets. The clerk asks: “Are you driving? Or do you have bicycles you'll be taking on the ferry?”
You may answer:
“Don’t forget to take your boarding pass as you leave the check-in counter!”
Boarding pass means:
If the agent says that your luggage will go straight through, it means:
When going through Security, you put your bags through the _______, and you walk through the _______.
“We are now inviting passengers with small children and any passengers requiring special assistance to begin boarding.”
Which of the following people are not included in this announcement?
You want to get to the station early so you won’t miss the train. You may ask: “Excuse me, do you know what time the train _______?”
“I caught a red-eye to Ho Chi Minh City.” means:
You want to travel to Paris, but you don’t know when you will be coming back. You would buy a/an _______.
“The train now standing at the platform 6 is the 10.45 for London.”
The number 10.45 is:
You are getting a bus to China Town. You need to buy a ticket. What do you say to the bus conductor?
You are on a plane and feeling thirsty; you may ask the flight attendant:_______
On the plane, you have to leave the windows shades open during_______.
You’ve just arrived at an international airport. However, you cannot find your checked-in suitcase. What should you do?
You may need to check the train _______ before buying a ticket.

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