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Bài kiểm tra Campus Test - WSE

Campus Test - Wall Street English

You have to study really _______ or you will fail the test
I heard John fell behind in his classes. What should we do?
To begin our lesson, please open your books _______ page 27!
A: Why don’t you run for class president?
B: I don't know if I can win it but I'll _______ a go.
I got an A _______ my midterm _______ Microeconomics.
Sarah has a habit of pulling an all-nighter before the final exams. What could “pulling an all-nighter” possibly mean?
Mike: I’m going to check out some books. Do you want to come with me?
Where is Mike probably heading?
Final exams are coming. It’s time to _______ the books!
Choose the correct descending order:
He _______ gone to school yesterday. We were there all day, and nobody saw him.
Professor Grant always checks attendance, and _______ will not be tolerated.
Kelly has just made the dean’s list.
What does it mean?
You need to hurry up, the assignment _______ tomorrow!
When having problems with course scheduling, a student should seek help from his/her _______.
An undergraduate student who completes two sets of degree requirements might be called a/an _______.

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