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Which of these sentences is most appropriate in an academic essay?
To express a personal point of view, you may say:
Which of these sentences is ungrammatical?
Students are not allowed to _______ at any level.
Deforestation has caused many issues such as _______.
_______ smoking can cause severe health problems.

Choose the most appropriate phrase to begin the sentence above

Joyce Carol Oates is a novelist, essayist, playwright, and poet; _______, she is a distinguished scholar.
They continued to discuss _______ the issue two hours later.
Drugs are prohibited in many countries.
Vandalism can result in suspension or even _______ from school.
Which sentence is not stating a fact?
Only 46% of the students have claimed that they like going to school. This means:
When writing an essay, you need to avoid redundant phrases. Which of the followings is NOT an example of redundancy:
Choose the sentence that is most clearly expressed.
If they have an only child, then they may pamper the child even more.

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