wall street english test

Kiểm tra tiếng Anh CEFR - Test - WSE

1. How old are you?
2. We’re going to the beach next week.
3. What time do you usually go to bed?
4. I’m going to study abroad in July.
5. Could you help me with this exercise?
6. Dogs often ___ when they find strangers.
7. She ____ cook meals when she was twelve.
8. He is going to ___ a presentation tomorrow morning.
9. There are five ____ and six continents on Earth.
10. I'd like to buy ____ of soap please.
11. Could you ____ me a favor?
12. He’s been a ______smoker and drinker all his adult life.
13. ______you ever met him before?
14. The room looks different _____ the furniture gone.
15. It came______ that she failed to reach the semi-finals.
16. I would have come to the party that day _______ it hadn’t rained
17. My brother is _______ to video games
18. The film will be _____at Galaxy Cinema next Monday.
19. Scientists have found out how our body clock has remained _____ for millions of years.
20. The car _____ on the street is broken.
21. He ____ going to a new restaurant to celebrate her birthday party.
22. Let's give Mr. Jones a _____of applause.
23. He's got the ______over other candidates because he's so much more experienced.
24. Your parents must be _____ to know that you’ve come first in the exam.
25. He was heavily fined for leaving his driving _____ at home.