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Câu hỏi graph and chart test

1. Match the type of chart with the suitable image
graphs and charts_______________________
Pie chart
graphs and charts_______________________
Line chart
graphs and charts_______________________
graphs and charts_______________________
Bar chart
2. Which type of chart is most suitable to display trends?
3. When the figure slips back marginally, it ____
4.Choose the best graph for this description:
"It is of note that the amount of rain is still rising.”
5. You measured the weights of 100 adults and the results were between 45 kilos and 90 kilos. Which type of chart is most suitable to illustrate the data?
6. The pie charts below illustrate how people spent their leisure time in 2000 and 2010. Choose the statement that is NOT true:
graphs and charts
7. Choose the best graph for this description:
“The price remained flat during the first week, and then has rocketed since the second one.”
8. What can be inferred from the chart below?
graphs and charts
9. Fill in the blanks with the words given.
constant upward
graphs and charts
On the line chart you will note a trend in the sales of books in the first 6 weeks of 2014. After a increase of books sold in Week 2, this figure climbed modestly to approximately 230 in Week 3, and then to 500 in Week 4. The figure continued to rise until it reached 650 in Week 6.
10. Fill in the blanks with the words given.
went down
graphs and charts
After starting the period at 65 members, the figures to around 60 in February. They then to 120 in March before a slight to 115 in April. This decreasing trend continued in May. The period hit its lowest point in June, with a significant fall to 40 members.
graphs and charts

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