daily english test

Câu hỏi daily test


daily english test
question 1
When a friend suddenly calls you …
Hey Sam! I need to talk.
Oh, sure. _____
question 2
You want to tell your friend that you’re extremely tired …
Hey, how are you doing?
question 3
When someone thinks of you in the wrong way or judges you too quickly …
Look at your clothes! You must be a street singer!
Oh!________, please. That doesn’t speak anything about my job.
question 4
When you want to express regret …
Are you ok? You look so pale.
I stayed up too late last night. _____
question 5
When you tell someone to wait for a short amount of time …
Girl, can you hurry up? We’re late!
_______ I’m looking for my shoes!
question 6
When you want to express relief …
I saw a girl on bike almost bump into a toddler this morning!
_______, the toddler was safe and sound! He’s my cousin.
question 7
When you want to tell someone that you don’t mean to make them angry …
What do you think about me wearing this skirt?
Well,_______, but I think you should try jeans on instead.
question 8
When you want to tell your friend to feel more happy and positive about something…
I’m scared of being jobless after I graduate.
_______ There’re six months ahead for you to look at some recruitment ads!
question 9
When you accept an invitation …
Do you want to party with us tomorrow night?
I’ve feel so bored recently that I just want to get a life!
question 10
When you want to postpone your answer
Hi May, we’ll discuss the picnic plan this weekend. Are you in?
I might be busy. _______

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