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Kiểm tra kĩ năng đàm phán qua điện thoại

Kiểm tra kĩ năng đàm phán qua điện thoại

When you receive a phone call from a customer:
When the receptionist asks if you would like to “take a call”, what does that mean?
When you introduce yourself on phone:
When you ask the receptionist to direct your call to someone:
When you are asked to forward the call to someone who is not available:
Your customer gave you some important information, but you couldn’t hear what they said:
When you want to know the caller’s name:
When you are informed that you called the wrong department:
After politely greeting your partner, you want to get down to business:
You want to suggest changing the date of an appointment:
After drawing conclusions on the phone, you want to sum up the key points:
When you end a call with your business partner:

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