Tự tin tiếng anh
Năng lực Anh ngữ làm việc với sếp nước ngoài

Năng lực Anh ngữ làm việc với sếp nước ngoài

You’re sick and cannot go to work, so you ask your boss to give you a day _______
You think that you cannot meet the given deadline. What do you say to your boss?
“Please remember that we have a meeting in 10 minutes to discuss _______ the new project!”
You don’t understand a set of instructions and want to ask for clarification. You would say: “Would you mind _______ something for me?”
When your boss tells you: “Don’t drop the ball on this one”, he means:
Your boss is not satisfied with your work. How do you respond to him?
How to cut into your boss’s conversation in a polite way?
You come up with a good idea but it conflicts with your boss’. What should you do?
Your manager asks you to send him the report as soon as possible. How to confirm that you will do it immediately?
You present a great idea to your boss. He tells you to “take it and run with it”. What does he mean?

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