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Bài kiểm tra tiếng Anh trong buổi họp - WSE

Bài kiểm tra tiếng Anh trong buổi họp - WSE

All attendees have received a copy of the _______ , so they know what items are being covered in the meeting.
It is recommended that you _______ in the boardroom before the meeting starts.
John, have you completed the report on sales and profits for this month?
Can I have a _______ of hands from those who agree on this proposal?
The meeting failed because the members had difficulty _______ with one another.
I think we should first allocate the roles. Will anyone volunteer to take the minutes?
I declare the meeting _______.
I'm afraid that's outside the _______ of this meeting. Keep to the point, please.
The report showed that there was a collapse in sales last month. Do you have any suggestions on this?
If we _______ come to a consensus by the end of the meeting, we _______ put it to a vote.
Any financial information _______ during this meeting should be kept confidential.
Sorry, I’m afraid I didn’t catch it. Could you please _______ ?
To begin I'd like to quickly go through the _______ of our last meeting.
The vote was _______ , so I hope we do not have to address this matter again in the future.
I went to the meeting and _______ out my concerns about the new product on the table. 

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