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Bài kiểm tra Courtesy Test - WSE

Courtesy Test - Wall Street English

A business handshake should go:
In a business meeting, a woman who arrives late comes in and sits next to you. You:
You accidentally drop your silverware on the floor while having lunch with a businesswoman. You:
You are introducing your new client to your managers. Whose name should you say first?
You are invited to a business dinner table set for 10. When should you start eating?
In a business party, you realize there’s something on the plate that you don’t like. You:
You are running 10 minutes late for a meeting with your client. You:
You want to visit your partner’s office to discuss some business. You:
After a business meeting, a person approaches you, introduces himself and gives you his name (business) card. You:
An important customer has lost his temper and starts shouting while he’s on the phone with you. You:
You receive an invitation to a business party which contains a notice of “dress code”. What does “dress code” mean?
You are writing a business email to a person whose marital status is unknown. Her name is “Elizabeth Smith”.
What is the most appropriate way to address this person?
After a meeting, a business partner wants to invite you to his private party, which you do not want to join. What should you say to him?
A business partner is visiting your office. He/she asks “Can I borrow your pen?” How should you respond?
What is the alternative for “Business courtesy”?

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