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Bài kiểm tra Negotiation Test - WSE

Negotiation Test - Wall Street English

What is the correct order of the stages in a negotiation?
In most cases, you should aim for a _________ which concludes on a solution that is acceptable to both parties.
When the counterpart says "I think we're close.", it probably means:
There can be several issues, so it’s important to _______ your concerns and stick to what you want most.
When someone from the opposite leans in toward you, you should ______ .
In negotiation, you should use fact rather than personal feelings. One example could be:
To ask your counterpart to clarify their opinion, you may say ________.
What is one of the keys to a successful negotiation?
Your counterpart says “I'm afraid I had something different in mind.”, it probably means:
ZOPA refers to the space between a seller's lowest price and a buyer's highest price. It stands for:

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