Part 1: Level test

1. I’d like to —— my pay/salary/compensation package/contract with you.

A. Discuss

B. Raise

C. Boost

Part 1: Level test

2. This year I’ve brought in 5 new customers, which has —— our revenue by 10%.

A. Increased

B. Decreased

C. Plunged

Part 1: Level test

3. The project for which I am the leader has —— about big revenue success.

A. Get

B. Brought

C. Bereave

Part 1: Level test

4. Don’t walk into your meeting without being ——.

A. Suspicious

B. Worried

C. Prepared

Part 1: Level test

5. You should choose the best time to —— a salary review.

A. Propose

B. Provide

C. Debate

Part 2: Skill, behavior in working environment

6. What’s the time should you ask for salary review?

A. Ask after a big accomplishment.

B. Ask after work.

C. Ask in high-stress time.

Part 2: Skill, behavior in working environment

7. What do you do to prepare for the salary review meeting?

A. Nothing. It’s just about my salary and I definitely know it well.

B. Research about the job market and similar organizations in your industry.

C. Write and practice many times about what to say in the meeting.

D. Imagine as much as possible the bad situations that could happen.

Part 2: Skill, behavior in working environment

8. What is the inappropriate behavior in this kind of meeting?

A. Sit up straight

B. Make eye contact with your boss

C. Speak slowly and deliberately

D. Fidget, giggle nervously.

Part 2: Skill, behavior in working environment

9. What should you do after the answer “No” from boss?

A. Make threats to the boss: “I quit my job!”

B. Feel bad and work inattention after that.

C. Propose a backup solution for the benefits you want the company to offer.

Part 2: Skill, behavior in working environment

10. What information do you think your boss wants to know?

A. Personal information

B. The reason why you deserve a raise.

C. Colleagues’ salaries information.

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