95% of employers are willing to pay 30% more to candidates who master English. Improve business vocabulary with our 7 tips and maximize your career prospects


Being fluent in English is an incredibly valuable skill when it comes to job opportunities and future career prospects. Whether you are looking to improve business vocabulary or learn English from scratch, Wall Street English can provide a range of courses to help you master the English language. Here are our 7 tips to help you master and improve business vocabulary so you can maximize your career opportunities.


1. Set study goals


Our first tip is to set yourself some achievable study goals. Our recommendation is to set yourself a daily study goal to learn 3 new vocabularies every single day. Learning 3 new words a day may sound simple, but your proficiency in English quickly increases when multiplied over time.


2. Practice makes perfect


These new words will quickly fade from your memory without practicing them straight away. To ensure that you efficiently memorize each and every word, we recommend practicing them right away. Below will explain some useful techniques.


3. Learn in context


Learning an individual word on its own is pointless without any context. To learn a word in context is to see how that word is used in an everyday sentence. This deeper understanding of the word means that it is permanently stored in your mind.


4. Learn with emotion


Learning these new words with an emotion association technique is another useful tip to ensuring that each word you learn is fully remembered. This can involve learning a new word and then attaching it to a personal memory or a particular image or song so that you can remember it much easier.


5. Use flashcards


Using flashcards is a useful technique for remembering words by repetition. Flashcards encourage self-reflection, also known as metacognition, in students when they fail to answer a flashcard as they will ask themselves “what do I need to do to ensure I remember this word next time?”.


6. Utilize your free time


Studying whenever you have some free time is not only incredibly productive but fun as well! This doesn’t have to mean burying your head into multiple textbooks and exercises when you just want to relax. It can be as simple as watching a movie in English or putting on subtitles when travelling home from work. You can even listen to music in English before bed or while getting ready in the morning.


7. Read in English


Reading anything you can in English is going to help a great deal to improve business vocabulary. Reading helps your brain to better understand how the language works. Whether it’s articles, magazines, stories or the subtitles of a movie; reading in English will help you better comprehend the English language and to see how words are used in their correct context.


If you are wanting to learn English, improve business vocabulary and get ahead in your career, contact Wall Street English to find out about our range of English courses. To find out more information and to get started, browse our website today!

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