Ever been lost for words? Here's why a blended method is better than

traditional for developing advanced English communication skills


Are you wanting to master the English language? Are you searching for a better way to learn and develop your advanced English communication skills? At Wall Street English, we utilize a ‘blended’ learning approach in order to teach English to a range of students that maximizes their productivity so they can achieve maximum results. But what is ‘blended’ learning and why is it so important?


Blended learning is our unique approach to education. Our blended method combines online opportunities for interaction and online educational materials with traditional place-based classroom methods. This allows you to learn and master advanced English communication skills with a combination of fun real-life situations, interactive online multimedia lessons and a small classroom environment with students that are at the same level of English as you.


The online educational materials enable students to maximize their productivity with digital books and practice exercises that they can study and learn at their own pace. This is also ideal for busy English students during their lunch break at work or school, during the morning or before bed, when travelling or whenever they have some free time and an internet connection.


The traditional method involves classroom-based lessons. Although students do not have the same flexibility to learn advanced English communication skills according to their own schedule as with the online materials, they are in a productive learning environment with a specialized and qualified English teacher and surrounded by 4 to 5 students that are all at the same level of English. This encourages students to converse in English with native speakers to improve their grammar and pronunciation.


Here is a quick breakdown of what our blended teaching method will look like:


Interactive lessons


In these multimedia lessons, students will learn pronunciation and vocabulary skills with fun real-life situations. Students will develop their speaking skills through listening to and repeating back words they learn during the lesson.




Once the interactive lesson has completed, students can then review what they’ve learnt with a native teacher or their tutor.

Practice exercises


Students will then progress to practice exercises to improve their skills including writing, reading and grammar. This can be done from any location with a stable internet connection.


Practical class


This involves a comfortable classroom setting with up to 5 students who are all at the same level of English. Students will be taught by a native English teacher how to further improve their pronunciation and grammar skills.


Application communication class


This class improves student’s conversational skills with native teachers and 4 themes that are specific to the reason they are wanting to learn English. This includes for work, studying abroad, travelling and for business.


Group discussion class


The Social Club is where students can improve their English skills by connecting with other students with a range of fun events and activities.


Choose Wall Street English to learn, improve and master advanced English communication skills with our unique blended method to teaching English. For more information about our courses and services, browse our website today.

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