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Sales ConsultantTP. HCM

Job Content

Key Purpose of the Job

Sales effectiveness

  • Demonstrate high degree of understanding of WSE product and method
  • Master presentation skills in compliance with WSE training provided
  • Personalize the conversation with the prospect depending on his / her persona, and involve 3rd party decision maker as required
  • Master the treatment of objections from prospects
  • Develop strong closing skills in order to help the team meet the sales milestones and target
  • Respond promptly and professionally to all email, phone and other inquiries received from customers
  • Be fully committed to supporting sales milestones and target as well as their minimal sales requirements
  • Thrive to always achieve the highest level of performance individually as well as for the center
  • Track and document calls and sales
  • Adapt to the sales presentation delivery method & gain trust over the phone and instant messaging.

Student engagement and online collaboration

  • Plan the renewal pipeline with the coach team at each beginning of the month and define a strategy for each student
  • Plan the new students list at the beginning of the month
  • Plan the schedule of the advising sessions ahead of time and ensure that all sessions are attended in coordination with the coach team while abiding to the defined strategy
  • Be prepared for each advising session and be clear about the objective of each meeting
  • Ensure that new students are on-track, satisfied and tactfully prompt for referrals to join the school with them
  • Always maintain a good relationship with the student body across all the steps of the learning journey, as well as with the service team in the center (in-center & online)

Time management, scheduling and professionalism

  • Prepare personal sales plan and objectives at the beginning of each month an obtain the validation for the Center Head of Sales on the individual plan
  • Always prioritize the schedule set with existing students before accepting an appointment with a prospect
  • Consistently follow-up with prospects and make subsequent appointments with prospects
  • Rigorously update accurate prospect and student information in the CRM during and after each interaction
  • Establish a strong daily work routine to maximize sales activities across all online channels
  • Attend training and coaching sessions that are organized for the role

Required Competencies

  • Premium sales and service experience
  • Service-oriented mindset
  • Professional appearance, confident attitude and great interpersonal skills
  • Solution-driven mindset and strong negotiation skills
  • Able to present idea convincingly with high level of energy and positivism
  • Ambitious, competitive and driven with a hunger for success and clear goals
  • Minimum of 2 years of sale experience, preferably from the education, insurance, hospitality, automotive or fitness sectors
  • Stellar communication skills, both in English and Vietnamese
  • Eager to work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve success as a team
  • Ability to engage with prospects even in virtual setting
  • Experience with Instant Messaging technology preferred
  • Strong ability to build trust and to provide high quality level of care
  • Able to work under pressure with flexible hours including evenings and weekends to meet and exceed sales targets