Staff Spotlight: Adam Tomkinson

  • What is your name and what do you do here at Wall Street English?

               Hi, I’m Adam, the Centre Head of Teaching in Go Vap District

  • How long have you worked for Wall Street English?

               Almost a year and a half

  • Can you describe a typical day for you at Wall Street English?

              A typical day starts by catching up with the Heads of Sales and Coaching to review the previous day and discuss any updates or exciting activities we have coming up. I then check in with all of the teachers to make sure they are prepared for the day ahead, have everything they need and support with any lesson planning. The rest of my day is split between delivering the full range of classes we offer, interacting with the students in the social areas and forward planning the schedule to make sure we have the right classes and events for the right students at the right times.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

           Seeing the students becoming more and more confident with their English, laughing and having conversations with them that would not have been possible just a few months ago.

  • What is something challenging about your job?

        Speaking little-to-no Vietnamese can be challenging when organising some of the events and we need to source supplies and suppliers. However, I work with an incredibly supportive bilingual team who are always more than willing to help (and better than me at organising events anyway!). 

  • What advice would you give to someone on their first day at WSE?

        Be yourself, have fun and enjoy it! Ask lots of questions – remember, we’ve all been in your first day shoes and if you’re unsure about something, we probably were too when we started!