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Centre Head of Teaching


Key Purpose of the Job:

As Centre Head of Teaching you lead the Teacher Team in your center to achieve student, center and company goals. You positively impact Teacher Team attitude, performance and behaviors. This includes ensuring the educational quality of classes in line with student needs, and the professional success of your team. The Centre Head of Teaching ensures the activities are led with a strong balance of education, customer service and student engagement.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

1. Class Portfolio Management

  • Assist with analyzing student subject preferences and identifying priorities
  • Provide direction to Teachers on creation of classes in alignment with student preferences and priorities
  • Add relevant classes to the portfolio of Social Club and Centre Events content to optimize student progress and engagement
  • Communicate the portfolio of available classes to the coaches

2. Scheduling Management

  • Collect class requirements
  • Create monthly schedules according to student class requirements
  • Manage Waiting List and add classes according to student needs and Teacher availability
  • Manage Teacher schedules to align with student demand and optimize workforce planning to control the cost of teaching whilst ensuring student progression in collaboration with CCXM.

3. Teacher Management

  • Assign Teachers to classes
  • Ensure that Teachers are punctual and prepared for classes, are adhering to WSE dress code, and are compliant with the WSE Employee Handbook, Teacher Job Description and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Ensure that Teachers are enforcing the English-only environment policy of the school
  • Identify strengths and areas of improvement among the Teaching Team, provide feedback and communicate them formally to the Head of Teaching
  • Manage quarterly performance management meetings and provide actionable feedback for continual improvement and to maintain engagement

4. Support Event Planning and Execution

  • Provide input to the event planner
  • Work collaboratively with Centre Customer Experience Manager (CCXM) to plan center events
  • Schedule Teachers for events and ensure space availability
  • Ensure that the scheduled Teachers are prepared for the events
  • Assist with event execution
  • Provide informal feedback to Head of Teaching and Country Head of Customer Experience on the level of engagement observed during the event

5. General Management

  • Take ownership of the look, feel and atmosphere within the center in cooperation with the CCXM and Center Head of Sales (CHoS)
  • Provide punctual support to the Sales Team, including oral Placement Tests and Level Checks as needed
  • Encourage a spirit of encouragement of students within the center community
  • Maintain a fully functional, comfortable and supportive classroom environment and report issues to the Head of Teaching when necessary
  • Run Teacher meetings
  • Carry out general management admin tasks in a timely manner

6. Project Management

  • Support or run projects in cooperation with the Head of Teaching

7. Ensure Service Continuity

  • Teach approximately 15 hours per week
  • Cover classes for absent Teachers when necessary

8. Brand Ambassador

  • Have a deep understanding of the Wall Street English Method, product line and value proposition
  • Believe in and promote the Wall Street English at all times
  • Behave professionally and represent the company well at all times with Students both inside and outside the school
  • The above statements are a snapshot of the duties and responsibilities of the role and are not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Major challenge:

  • Ensuring all classes are of high quality and in line with the WSE Method
  • Ensuring Social Club and Events offering matches to your student body
  • Managing across different cultures to ensure your Teacher team are engaged and motivated to follow procedures and perform to a high standard both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Working efficiently and effectively with multiple departments, including Sales, Marketing and HR 


  • CELTA or TESOL, Bachelor’s Degree
  • Passion for Wall Street English
  • Excellent communication
  • High level of emotional intelligence
  • High level of integrity
  • Able to develop others
  • Able to motivate others